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How does Crucial Vacuum give back?

Crucial Vacuum has set out to become a part of a global green movement. Not only are a large portion of our filters washable and reusable, making them both economically sound and environmentally friendly, in collaboration with our customers, for every 1000 filters purchased, we plant a tree.

Last year, Crucial Vacuum created an alliance with a local farm, Many Hands Farm, located in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. We continue our efforts to give back to the environment and support our local farms. ​

Some of the tree's we've planted can be found below:
  • Baldwin Apple on M111 semi-dwarf stock
  • Coxs Orange Pippin Apple on M111 semi-dwarf stock
  • Enterprise Apple on M111 semi-dwarf stock
  • Honeycrisp Apple on M111 semi-dwarf stock
  • King of Tompkins County Apple on standard stock
  • Liberty Apple on Bud 118 semi-dwarf stock
  • English Morello Pie Cherry
  • Evans Pie Cherry
  • Garnet Beauty Peach
  • Reliance Peach