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You know that amazing song that everyone sings about the birds, the maids milking, and the lords leaping? The one with Danny Bonaduce in a pear tree? We at Think Crucial would like to regale you with our own rendition. Here goes.

On the first day of Christmas, ThinkCrucial gives to you, 15% off of everything.

Use code: HOLIDEAL1

On the second day of Christmas, ThinkCrucial gives to you, 15%, yes 15% off of everything.

Use code: HOLIDEAL1

On the third day of Christmas....

Okay, we’re pretty sure you get the picture. See, from December 23rd until the 28th, we are giving everyone 15% off of almost everything on the website. Federal regulations prohibit us from selling employees, so no, you can’t buy someone to come and change the filters on your vacuum. We understand it’s a dusty job and your allergies are a nightmare, but that’s why you had kids, right?

That’s not all. Because during this, the most wonderful time of the year, sometimes you need a little bit of the grape to help deal with all the holiday stress. Put down the box wine and get the good stuff. We’re selling our 2-in-1 Electric Wine Bottle Opener & Preserver Kit for only $25.99. It normally retails for $34.99, so you’re saving over 25%.

Use code: WINEME

That’s a lot of savings on a lot of items and it’s perfect for last minute gifts. Additionally, with free shipping on everything on the site, you’re not going to spend a bundle to get a bundle. Here are some gift ideas for those people who you have absolutely no idea what to get.

The Hipster Vegan


You know this person is a vegan because they tell you all the time. They also regale you with stories about bands that you’ve never heard and tell you how the Beatles sold out after the White Album. They probably also sport a beard and a lumberjack shirt, despite the fact that they’d probably snap in half if they tried to swing an axe. You have no idea what they like, except they always bring their own coffee and refuse to drink yours. Get them this amazing 400 mL pour over kit. They might mumble thank you and try to play it off, but the idea of heating water to precisely 371.15 Kelvin (Celsius is so last century, and nobody uses Fahrenheit anymore) and taking two minutes to pour 100 drams of dihydrogen monoxide over freshly ground coffee is making their inner child squeal with delight.

The Type-A Friend

busy-friend multitasking

This is your friend who is constantly roaming around doing everything, and nailing it. They’re the one who discovered Tough Mudder and trained for six weeks to finish the course in record time. You worry about them because they’re always doing something and never seem to take the time to smell the flowers. You also secretly sort of loathe them because they make you feel like a lazy bum, despite your raising three great kids, managing a home with a spouse who’s sort of the opposite of a Type-A, and working a full time job. There’s nothing you can really do to stop your friend, so you might as well encourage them and cheer them on from the sidelines. Get them an aromatherapy kit and let the peppermint oil energize them as they take a day to become a certified aromatherapist. At least you’ll learn about essential oils and how to use your own kit to keep your spirits up.


gift-yourself marshmallows

Come on. Let’s face it. You’ve done a lot of good things this holiday season and you deserve a break. You also deserve a treat or two. Get yourself that combination wine opener and preserver kit. If you’re not one to drink wine, get yourself some premium coffee capsules for your Nespresso machine. Just because you deserve to drink great coffee as you relax for three minutes in the morning before getting everyone out the door. After all, there’s baking to do for that holiday party that your son neglected to tell you that he volunteered you for and you have to bake 3 dozen nut-free and gluten-free cookies for.

It’s okay. Take a deep breath. The holidays are in their waning hours. Much like a 2-year old five minutes before bedtime, this time of year is going to do its best to keep your attention until the very last minute. But don’t fret. Soon the last bit of ribbon will be undone and the last scrap of wrapping paper bundled into the recycling bin. And just like that cranky toddler now peacefully sleeping in her crib, once the holidays are safely sleeping, you’ll look at them with fondness and long for the crazy hustle and bustle once again.

How about you just softly close the door and go enjoy a glass of wine instead.

The legal stuff: Our legal team has advised us to add the following: This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or coupons. Banana Banana Meatball is the catchiest GoNoodle song ever, box wine is actually pretty decent, and chocolate chip cookies are the best cookie ever.


PS. Don't go far, we're announcing WEEK 2 SALES SOON! :)



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