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All U.S. orders get free shipping, and all orders placed on workdays before 1pm EST get shipped that same day. Details here.

Zero-Risk Returns

Not sure you‘re ordering the right part? No worries, we can send you a prepaid return label. Details here.

Best Pricing

We manufacture all of our products and sell them to you with no middleman, so chances are you won't find lower prices anywhere around.

Phone Help Available MON-FRI

Not sure which part you need for your appliance? Give us a ring during working hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST), and we‘ll help you out promptly:


How "Set & Forget" orders work

In short, "Set & Forget" are recurring orders delivered to you in frequency of your choice, with a couple of small, but very useful benefits.

The process is automated, and your first recurring order is 50% off, while recurring orders after that save you 15% on each subscription. Free shipping as usual, of course, and your subscription lasts for as long as you want – zero stress, saves you a lil' money and time each time, and stays in your control at all times. Use your 50% off for your first recurring order well, as it's one-time only, by adding more than one "Set & Forget" items/orders to your cart before you check out.

When you make an order of this type, we start shipping it to you on a regular basis in the exact period you've set. The length of this period can be edited using the instructions further down this page, as well as volume/quantity of each order, swapping it for another product, or cancel it altogether at any time.

It's worth noting that whenever you're due for a shipment, you'll get a notification email from us 7 days in advance, only after which we'll charge you and ship it out, so you have about a week each time to make any changes.

Finally, to get a feel how it works in practice (though it's as simple as it's described here, and equally smooth), you get a 50% discount from us on your first order.

How does billing work

We charge orders at the same time we ship them out, so you'll get charged and receive the email about the order being shipped within 1 business day of being billed.

If there are any issues (problems with the shipment, need for a refund, declined payment, etc.), you can contact us by phone (top-top-right of this page) or by emailing us at – we're online during working hours Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm EST for chatting as well.

Getting started

To create a recurring subscription order, select the tab "Set & Forget" on the product page. Set the quantity and frequency of your order, and hit "Add to Cart", and then checkout.

When you complete your shipping and billing details, your first recurring order will start getting shipped out within 1 business day. The product will also be added to list of recurring orders in your account, where you can view, edit or cancel it at any time.

How to modify a subscription

To modify a subscription, log your account and hit ["Manage Subscriptions"] in the first panel.

There you can edit the frequency and volume of your recurring orders, or cancel them altogether whenever you want.

How to cancel a subscription

If you'd like to stop the billing and delivery of your order, just log into your account, hit the ["Manage Subscriptions"] button in the first panel, and then cancel an order from the list.

This will stop all charges and shipments for that item from occurring in the future.



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