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All U.S. orders get free shipping, and all orders placed on workdays before 1pm EST get shipped that same day. Details here.

Zero-Risk Returns

Not sure you‘re ordering the right part? No worries, we can send you a prepaid return label. Details here.

Best Pricing

We manufacture all of our products and sell them to you with no middleman, so chances are you won't find lower prices anywhere around.

Phone Help Available MON-FRI

Not sure which part you need for your appliance? Give us a ring during working hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST), and we‘ll help you out promptly:


Save Time, Money & Scalp

How to make your life easier & slightly more efficient while saving a buck

Even phone calendars fail.

You set a date.

It rings as promised, buuuut...

Somehow it happens when you‘re in the wrong place, so you delay it.

A few minutes later, life comes in with one of it‘s usual whirlwinds, and voilà, it doesn‘t get done. Again.

So you pull some hair out, steam off a few silent cursewords at yourself lips-tight, and reset it for tomorrow, only to go through it again, until the stars and heavens align.

Well, life's no stranger to pain – though this one you can solve.

Simply put, any product you order in "set & forget" mode means we‘ll have it at your doorstep exactly when you decide.

No chance to miss it. No way to fail memorizing. No recurring hairloss and self-insults.

Instead, parts always replaced on time, no time wasted on unnecessary thoughts, and a few bucks saved to add, over & over. One shot, triple whammy long-term.


  • 15% off on all recurring orders
  • Free Shipping unto eternity
  • 50% off your first order (while you‘re testing us)
  • Can update the frequency of your replacement shipments easily before they go out with a single click in the My Account page (we always email you 7 days in advance before we bill and ship them out)
  • Can cancel anytime with a single click, no commitment at all (from the My Account page or by emailing

How does it work? Pretty simple.

Just use the „set & forget“ tab when adding to cart. This makes the order recurring in your cycle of choice.

We‘ll be emailing you 1-2 days each time before we ship it your way, where you can delay it if you‘re say out of town. And you‘ll get another one when we ship it, and another one when it gets to your doorstep.

Then you just change the part – no failed reminders, no stress, no time wasted, and a few bucks saved to add.

For testing purposes, you even get 50% off on your first order, even if you subscribe to more than one product.

Now scroll to the top and find the replacement parts you need, and enjoy a smoother life now on.


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