Who are these people?

We’re really just a bunch of people who sell stuff you need around your house, but not just any stuff, crucial stuff. But, when we started we didn’t want to charge a million dollars per item because it had some big companies name on it. We decided to ship you products directly from where it’s made to your house so you don’t have to spend so much.

Think Crucial About Us

 A lot of things in your house needs to be replaced (filters, mop heads, ink, batteries, etc.) and when the time comes you’re already kind of bummed out you have to deal with it, the last thing you want is to have to dig deep in your pockets to be able to afford what you need. That’s where we come in!

In 2008, our main man was working with his parents at their vacuum repair shop when he suggested they start selling online. Once warehouses and shipping got involved he saw how crazy expensive things started to get. So he said, “Screw it!” and started shipping directly to his customers. Once he realized people loved saving money he started Crucial Vacuum.

You see the problem was vacuums aren’t fun. They’re pretty cool tools that we use in our homes, but they just aren’t fun. So, we expanded into more appliance stuff, coffee things, pool items, etc. Basically, we got into the crucial items in your house that need to be replaced from time to time and decided to give ourselves a new name.

So now, when ever you have to replace something in your home, Think Crucial.


Let’s be honest here. Every company should give back to their communities and the people that buy their stuff…mainly because without them, we wouldn’t exist!

We wanted to give back somehow and we wanted to continue with the theme of the products we sell. But, we sell filters and some other stuff, so what could we do? 

When you buy a filter for anything (HVAC, car, vacuums (yes, even vacuums)) it actually causes that piece of equipment to not have to work as hard because there is nothing blocking the air from getting in. When this happens it actually causes the equipment to give off less emissions, giving us cleaner air.

SO, for every 1,000 filters we sell, we plant a tree in a different community to help clean our air. Because, we only have one Earth, right?