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Think Crucial hopes that you all had a great Thanksgiving, celebrating with friends and family. Thanksgiving, after all has been an annual tradition that stretches back to 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it a national holiday. Now, of course, it’s time to get to another annual tradition that while not quite as venerable, is still celebrated almost all over the world: Black Friday & Cyber Monday.


Black Friday has long been recognized as the official start of the holiday shopping season since the 1930s, with the actual term, “Black Friday” first coined in 1961. Newspapers in Philadelphia news used it to describe the disruptive foot and vehicle traffic that occurred that day. Now, people point to the name as a way of explaining that retailers use this day to turn a profit, making ledger books go from being in the red to being in the black.


Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that the advent of the internet has made Holiday shopping even more fun with the ability to completely skip the body-crushing and toe-smashing crowds. No need to stand in a checkout line for hours when you can just point and click your way to great deals. This is why is pleased to announce our Thanksgiving Weekend sales. These sales will be running all weekend through Cyber Monday.

We have great deals on pretty much everything in our store. And let’s face it, even if you aren’t going to get something for someone else, after a full week of preparing and planning for this Thanksgiving, you may need something to help you recuperate and recover. Whether you need new bags or filters for your vacuum (10% off all vacuum & floor care parts (Use code: THANKFUL2), or need to replace that serving spoon that finally gave up the ghost after five years of dishing out mashed potatoes (20% off all kitchen tools (Use code: THANKFUL6), we’ve got you covered.

Of course, you might have driven to your Thanksgiving celebration, in which case, we ask you, when was the last time you changed your car’s air filters? If you can’t remember, it might be time. And of course, we can save you some money on that with 15% off auto filters (Use code: THANKFUL4).

Heck, even if you just need to get a new cocktail muddler to replace one that your cousin Jerry dented while trying to re-enact that scene from Cocktail, we can help. As a gift, everyone knows someone whose idea of a bar set is two McDonalds cups and a long spoon from Dairy Queen. Help them out with a spiffy gift from our barware selection and save a bit with 20% off all barware (Use code: THANKFUL7).

Don’t forget your best friend either. No, we aren’t talking about Steve; we’re talking about your pet. Whether your bestie has fur, feathers, or scales, we can help you make their lives a little better. We have a wide range of filters for both aquariums and automatic pet fountains. Don’t let them live their lives with algae in their water. They don’t even need to know you saved 15% off pet products (Aquarium & fountains) (Use code: THANKFUL3).

If you need to relax and chill out after your Thanksgiving celebration (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), we’ve also got a great selection of aromatherapy products at 15% off (Use code: THANKFUL5). Whether you need a new diffuser or a just want to replenish your supply of some essential oils, we’ve got your back. Chill out to your favorite scent, or let us help you get energized for the crowds with our selection of peppermint and lemongrass oils.



Here are all of our Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals:

10% off all heating/cooling & air filters - (Use code: THANKFUL1)
10% off all vacuum & floor care parts - (Use code: THANKFUL2)
15% off all pet products - (Use code: THANKFUL3)
15% off all auto filters - (Use code: THANKFUL4)
15% off all aromatherapy - (Use code: THANKFUL5)
20% off all kitchen tools - (Use code: THANKFUL6)
20% off all barware - (Use code: THANKFUL7)


However, in the words of the late great Billy Mays, that’s not all. We also have a great Doorbuster sale for you. Let’s face it. Almost everyone drinks a little bit on Thanksgiving. And a lot of us drink to recover from Thanksgiving and mingling with family. If that’s the case, you may have some wine bottles that either need finishing or need opened and finished. And while it may be tempting to polish them all off by yourself in one night, down that road lies the worst hangover of the year. Instead, get this combination set. It’s a wine opener and a preserver all in one. Open the bottle, have a glass or three. Then use the tool to seal the bottle so your favorite chardonnay doesn’t turn into expensive vinegar. This tool pumps out the air that will sour your wine, preventing oxidation, and giving you a few extra days to enjoy the leftovers. And, you’re going to save 25% off the normal price.

Use code WINEME and enjoy this Wine Opener & Preserver for $25.99

(normally $34.99, that's more than 25% OFF!)

2-in-1 wine opener and preserver

This is also where our legal team wants us to add the following:  Items are first come/first serve. Limit of one offer per household. Black Friday offers may not be combined with any other offers or coupons. Bananas are high in potassium. Bulbasaur was the best starter Pokémon ever, sorry, Squirtle.

We at Think Crucial wish you a happy shopping holiday and want you to stay safe, whether you’re braving the 3am crowds on Friday morning or staying warm and cozy in front of your laptop at home.



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