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As we head into longer days and shorter nights, the time for Spring cleaning is nearly upon us. Before you get started on your cleaning regimen, there are some things you should do to get ready. Additionally, there are some tips that will help make your cleaning go more smoothly.

Make a Plan


It helps if you think of this cleaning as a battle; a war between you and the dirt and grime in your home. So, before you charge willy nilly into the fight, you should have a plan of attack. Keep in mind that this isn’t a one-day fight. You might not even be able to finish it in a weekend. So, planning how you’re going to rout the grout and pummel the scum is vital to ensuring you get it done efficiently.

The first thing you need to do is scout your enemy. How many rooms do you have? How many floors are there? In general, you want to work top to bottom and then from the farthest point from the access point forward. Essentially, if you have a second floor, you want to tackle the rooms farthest from the stairs and then move toward the stairs, taking one room at a time.

Once you know your plan of attack, the next step is to gather the tools of warfare.

Gather Your Weapons


Last week, we talked about green and noxious chemical-free cleaning alternatives. If you’re going with that route, make sure you have all the supplies in place. Make the spray bottles now, and make sure you have enough supplies to clean everything. While you’re at it, change the filters in your vacuum.

We know that changing filters is a dirty job, but you want your home to be as clean as possible. That means starting with your equipment as clean as possible. If your vacuum has washable filters, wash them, and let them dry. If you need to order new filters, get them now. You should also get a second set of filters just in case. The last thing you want is for a filter to tear. If that happens, you’ll need to stop in the middle of your cleaning fight waiting to get a new one.

As well, look at your HVAC filters and the filters for your air purifiers and/or humidifiers. It’s important that these be changed on a regular basis too. Make a list of all the filters that you will need so you can get them all at once. Think Crucial has almost every filter you’re going to need and offers free shipping and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Look at the rest of your cleaning supplies as well. Gather up old cotton socks to use to wipe things down. Get clean sponges for your walls. If you have textured walls, however, don’t use sponges for them. Use old nylons to clean with. They’ll let you scrub away stains without leaving bits of sponge behind.

Allot Your Time and Make a Checklist


One of the most important parts of Spring cleaning is making sure you allot enough time for the various tasks. Most of the tasks during a Spring clean are small, but they can add up. Remember for each room, you’re going to be washing the walls and trim as well as giving the doors, fixture plates, and knobs a once over. You’ll also need to dust the ceiling fans and fixtures.

You can also use a good Spring clean as a time to get rid of clutter. There are several programs that let you donate leftover goods from the comfort of your own home. If you receive shipments from Amazon or online retailers (such as Think Crucial), you can repurpose the boxes and donate goods to a local Goodwill without paying for shipping. lets you print a shipping label from your home and schedule a pickup for any unwanted goods that are in decent condition. Aside from some restrictions (liquids, flammables, electronics), pretty much anything is fair game. You can also get a tax deduction receipt if you need one. Just print out a single label per box and UPS or the Post Office will come and pick it up. You can feel good and declutter all at the same time.

Spring Cleaning is coming. It’s better to get yourself ready now rather than try to just wing it when it comes. With some prep work and a plan, you’ll have your cleaning done quickly and efficiently. Next week, we’re going to get you a complete room by room checklist so you know what needs to be done and where. Until then, we at Think Crucial hope that the rest of your winter finds you in good health and high spirits.



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