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If you’re part of the 50% of Americans who drink coffee daily, you’re in for a pleasant surprise - coffee filters are incredibly helpful to have around.

Their quality paper construction makes them a versatile item both inside and outside the kitchen. They can be used both creatively and productively in a variety of ways. So why not put them to good use instead of letting them collect dust at the back of your kitchen cabinet?

Read through our list of clever uses below, and even if you don’t drink coffee or have a coffee maker that uses filters, you may still want to purchase them to try out some of the ideas.

Savvy Snack Holders

coffee filter

The next time you’re serving up popcorn, pretzels, or any other small snacks, don’t worry about pulling out a bunch of bowls for your guests. Coffee filters hold just the right amount of munchies for one person, and they’re disposable. Perfect Microwave Covers

Paper towels can fall off when you’re microwaving bowls or plates. Control the splatter with a coffee filter, and you’ll never have to wince when you hear the pop of liquids heating up. They’re also absorbent and microwave safe.

Helpful Cleaners

Sturdy coffee filters make an awesome cleaner for glass and don’t leave lint. They’re also great for quick wiping of computer or TV screens, microwave and oven doors, and faucets.

Filters are also great for cleaning car windows, bathroom mirrors, and light fixtures. They’re a convenient size, and don’t fall apart on the first wipe.

Superior Soups

Preparing recipes that call for flavorful but large herbs and spices during cooking is a great time to break out the coffee filters. Place your bay leaves, rosemary, and similar ingredients in a coffee filter. Tie it with a piece of cooking string and then place it in the pot while it’s simmering. Then, remove it before serving. No more crunchy stems!

Scratch-Proof China

For delicate dinnerware such as china, copper cookware or other special pieces that aren’t used regularly, storage can be a little nerve-wracking. Use a coffee filter between each plate or saucer as you stack them for cushioning, and you’ll have a clean, tidy way to prevent scratches or chips.

Perfect Potting

Coffee filters are a gardener’s secret. The next time you’re potting a plant, slip a coffee filter into the bottom of the pot first. When you add the soil, it won’t leak - and it will continue to hold in the soil without blocking draining. They can also be thrown back into the compost.

Smart Seed Sprouting

Coffee filters are helpful when you’re planting your seeds for an early start. First, use individual filters to sort out seeds for easy handling. If you’re harvesting and drying your own seeds, use filters to allow good air circulation while keeping them separated.

Filters can also be used for seeds that need some help germinating. Place the seeds on the moistened filter, fold it carefully, and close in a ziplock plastic bag until they begin sprouting. This same method will also work with seeds that need cold treatment in a refrigerator.

Wrapping Up

Coffee filters are so versatile, you may want to rethink where you store them in your home. Pick up an extra pack or two for use in your greenhouse, your car, or with your cleaning supplies and you will feel more productive and creative in your home.



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